ACESA is a certified public accounting and consultancy firm that was founded in April of 2000 by a group of professionals in tax, audit and administration who sought to create a company with a vision of comprehensive service and with the objective of offering our customers high quality specialized services. Having accomplished this objective, we offer professional services to our clients in national and international arenas. Our firm is client-oriented and places great value on lasting relationships. As such, we create customized solutions because we know that our customers have specific needs which necessitate that we align our goals with those of our customers.

Thanks to specialization and to the integration of our team, we can deliver comprehensive advice covering diverse areas of the business environment. Such advice provides our clients with the information needed to make optimal financial, business and tax decisions that take into account the costs, the benefits and the associated risks. Because we can be as large, or as small, as the customer desires, we can meet all the requirements of our customers. We have offices in Costa Rica and in Panama to service all the needs of our clients.

External Auditing

Our approach is based upon International Standards on Auditing (NIAS) and we can express an opinion based on IFRS, IAS, USGAAP... »

Accounting Services

Reliable accounting systems form the basis for providing the information that is required in making strategic decisions. »

Employment Advice

We provide employment advice to your company on how to handle any situation or requirement. We represent employers... »

Tax Advice

Our main services are: Tax analysis, Tax Advice, Tax Planning, Regional Tax Strategies, Transfer Pricing and more about Tax... »

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